Why Chinese are so defensive about their government?

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Do you know why there is always a defensive attitude from Chinese when talking about their government? Can anyone give suggestions on how to bring this topic up? Waiting for your reply.

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  1. Angelina

     I believe there are a couple of matters engaged with the position that why Chinese are so defensive about their government? First of all, numerous of the persons you conversed to could very well love the Maoist government and the government authority since Mao. This could partially be because some of them might not be completely cognizant of the shortcomings of the Maoist government. Some of the most oppressive time span throughout his direct were furthermore the ones with the most constrained and garbled data granted to the public. Another cause numerous Chinese persons are persuaded with the Maoist and subsequent government is because they have at times really enormously advanced the lives of numerous people.
    Moreover, I believe that Chinese persons might be more booked about admonishing the Chinese government when conversing to Americans than to other people. The U.S. government is often glimpsed accusing the Chinese government and some persons in the U.S. are misinformed about the government in China as well as the general position in China. Some Chinese persons in the U.S. may be worried about making farther misconceptions about the Chinese government.
    At last, I think it is rather widespread for persons from any homeland to have a rather idealistic outlook of their own homeland when conversing to persons from other countries. One way to boost dialogue about these topics might be to start by considering some of the difficulty in the U.S. government and your sentiments about them. Perhaps after you have distributed your ideas about Japanese engrossment bivouacs in the U.S. or compulsory boarding schools for Native Americans, they would seem easier conversing about comparable difficulties in China.

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