Name of the movie about death or devil.

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I have seen this movie on TV. Its maybe in the 40s,about death or the devil stuck up in a tree. With him up there no one can be born or die .It does not seem like a horror, more like a comedy or fantasy. Cannot remember any of the actors. Thank You for any help.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The movie you are talking about is “The Devil and Daniel Webster”, it is a fantasy film which was released in the year 1941. The title of the film was changed later to “All that Money can buy”. Later there was a movie with the same name was to be released so in order to avoid confusion this new title was chosen. This movie is also released under the title name “Mr Scratch, Daniel and the Devil and Here is a Man”. The cast of the movie included Edward Arnold, Walter Huston and James Craig. The director of the movie was William Dieterle. In the year 1840, in the state of New Hampshire, poor farmer Jabez Stone who sold his soul to Mr Scratch who played the role of Walter Huston to achieve luck and prosperity.
    After his time is up, Stone begs famed Orators and fellow New Hampshirite Dabiel Webster who played the role of Edward Arnold to find out some ways to bargain his life with Devil. Webster then agrees to take the cases and Mr Scratch offers the extension for Jabez’s son but later on Jabez turns it down. The Webster is then asked to leave but he refuses to go or leave.

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