Film regarding the story of deaf girl in 1950s.

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I'm trying to find the name of a film that I watched as a kid in England, where there was a scene with a little deaf girl smashing a cup in frustration at the attempts to get her to speak, and the woman/teacher? with her gets her to break more cups to get her to make more noises.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    It is the scene of a film named Mandy which was released in the year 1952. It was released by the Earling Studios films. It is based on the book “The Day is Ours”, it was written by Hilda Lewis, the screenplay was written by Nidel Balchin and Jack Whittingham and the director of the movie was Alexander Mackendrick and Fred Sears. The second title of the movie was Crash of Silence. The film was released in the United States be the name of “ The story of Mandy”. The cast of the film included Phyllis Calvert, Jack Hawkins, Terrace Morgan, Godfrey Tearle, Mandy Miller, Nancy Price and it was the first appearance of actor Jane Asher.
    Phyllis Calvert was casted as Christine, Jack Hawkins was casted as Searle. Terence Morgan was casted as Harry. Godfrey Tearle was casted as Mr Garland, Mandy Miller was casted as Mandy Garland, Nancy Price was casted as Jane Ellis. The movie is about a deaf and mute daughter Mandy. As the parents realized the situation of their daughter, they got their daughter enrolled in Special Education school where their daughter started saying her own name after some period of training.

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