Auditions can be boring for new comers?

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All I want to know, as what is a typical day routine for any new comer who is going out for auditions or any actor who is working within entertainment industry. I am very much interested to join this profession and want to know the value of time which actors spend here.

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  1. John

    Dear Amber

    I am afraid to say, most auditions can be boring, tedious, and sometimes a blast, but whatever the case, they have to get done. In the beginning of my career, I only had about 2 auditions a week, not too bad for a beginner, but then I went on to 4 auditions a week, on average.

    It also depends on what project you do. A typical Soap Opera may only give you TWO HOURS to go over your lines, and then you have to shoot. Acting is a very tough business and some things have to get done fast, you may only have hours you rehearse your lines but hey, it has to get done.

    With acting there is a lot of waiting. In the waiting room at the audition, waiting to get your script, waiting to see if you got the part, Acting requires patience, and you must have it to succeed in the business. Actors also get a lot of phone calls and are recommended to carry a pager, you will hear it beep every couple hours or so.

    But one of the greatest attributes to the acting career is you still have time to hang out. You can go out with friends, watch TV, Go out for dinner, you have good time to yourself. That is a quality job, my friend.

    Overview: A tough day, I would Say.

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