daycare jobs for 13 years olds

by Guest16315000  |  8 years, 3 month(s) ago

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day care jobs i no hiw to changr pampers dress them do they hair feed them talk to them wash them everthing. i love babys

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  1. Guest23604970

    hey im 12 and looking for a jobs that pays i will doing anything i love kids any thing that could help me

  2. Guest19055417
    try asking people you already know that have kids it will be alot easier and they will trust you more they might even give you a little more money....just ask
  3. Guest17173976
    i love kids thatz my faviorte thing to do i will do anything for a child to be happy they can do anything as long as they help me clean up n be a good person please help me get this job

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