Marilyn’s Day of death

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Do you know where her house staff was that day? Why was she there alone that particular day? Who exactly ordered all the house staff off for the rest of the day and night? Has the entire house staff faculty been thoroughly interrogated if not questioned at all? Where are they now? I just want to know, when this unfortunate event occurred, what they were doing.


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  1. John


    Marilyns house staff consisted of an elderly housekeeper that would stay the night at times. Marilyn was not left alone on her last day alive not even for a minute, until she went to bed of course.

    Marilyn had spend the morning with her friend Pat Newcomb (who had spent the night), then the housekeeper arrived, Marilyns psychiatrist spent the afternoon with Marilyn and the housekeeper stayed on to spend the night.

    Her death made her fans sad and it was a shocking event for all of them. She was alone, not physically, but inside. She was broken and shattered with the sequence of uneven events of her life. Her suicide was the last nail in the coffin, hence proved her loneness. In-fact nobody can ever understand the truth of her live and the real motive of here suicide. Still it is a mystery and will be. The fact if quite strong that all her life she was searching for true friends, love and peaceful living, but she never got such peaceful life.

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