couples looking to adopt a new born baby

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Hello everyone is nice to be here today and i wish to find the future i have been looking for,I am a single Mom of 4months a beautiful baby Boy with lack of care lost his father in a car accident when i was 3months for him since then life has not be the same for me with no parents or family members to run but by the help of some friends i was able to put to birth this baby and now is just too much for me to handle going around everyday bagging to feed a baby is not easy and i have make up my mine to give out the baby to a stable caring home i am not looking for any compensation all i need for him is a better future.and if some one can help me do that i will be very happy .feel free to contact me at ( bless and
thanks for your time

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  1. Guest28046200

    we would love to adopt a child if you are still looking please contact me.


  2. Guest27890302

    Hello, I am a mother called Teressa, I have a son named Lax who is 8months today, I love hom too much and always wish to have him bymy side forever but due to my health, I can not give him the best in life so I am putting him up for adoption. Well if you are looking for a baby boy to adopt, then you can contact for details  through this address listed below. . Thanks and waiting

  3. Ethel Whitted

     Forgot to let you know that I also sent you a email already. My email is

  4. Ethel Whitted

     Hello, my name is Ethel. I have been married for 2years and we have been a couple for 7 years. My husband is a electrician and I am a pharmacy tech. Unfortunately I am unable to have children but we are ready to star a family. Also we are well ready, willing and captiable of being parent. We are looking forward to hearing from you.thanks and have a blessed day. 

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