cool things to do in Ontario labour day weekend

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I will be celebrating labour day with my college friend. What are the cools things to do in Ontario labour day weekend.

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  1. James Augustus

    The Labor Day holiday in Canada is celebrated as in other parts of the world. You can do many things on Labor Day holiday.
    1. The CN Tower:
    You can visit CN tower that has the height of 1815 feet, the tallest free standing structure in the world. It is situated in downtown Toronto. You can enjoy the outdoor observation deck for a bird's eye view of Toronto city.
    2. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM):
    Royal Ontario Museum can be another destination of your Labor Day holiday. You can visit with your family and friends.
    3. Center Island / Centreville Amusement Park:
    It is situated on Center Island of Toronto, Centreville Amusement Park. You need a short ferry ride to reach there.
    Center Island has vast green area and paths for bicycling and also has wading pools for little ones to consume energy.
    4. Ontario Science Center
    It is a fantastic place for young kids to spend a holiday there. You can experience a tornado. You can crawl through a cave in this interactive and educational facility or listen to a heart murmur..
    5. Ontario Place:
    Ontario Place opens from May to September; it is a fantastic place for family entertainment and for hang out. It is considered as the largest outdoor soft play climbing structure in Canada. You can experience pedal boats, a water park and much more. Toronto’s largest IMAX movie screen is also there.

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