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  1. Guest23832423

     This is fake, ok? 

  2. Guest23830622

     This is fake, Im willing to try on my less than one year old account to see if i get a ''warning'' or ''deleted''-


    Lh.(I just put my username innitails)

  3. Guest23814747

     There is no employee code this girl is a liar & a scamming hacker do not change your email.  If you do this girl will steal your account and everything in it.  

  4. Guest23811563

    NO ONE TRUST THIS WOMAN!  She will steal your Stardoll account!  By changing you e-mail, you're giving her access to use the "forgot password" button and change the password of your account!  Make sure to report and block this woman so you can keep your precious account for yourself.

    (PROOF: Go onto "Callie.Stardoll"s page.  In the PLEASE READ section, she says not to listen to ANYONE who says they have a cheat because there are 100%NO CHEATS on Stardoll and it's just a scam.  Callie.Stardoll is one of the head advisors of Stardoll)


  5. Guest23811070

     This is a scam created by someone who is stealing virtual money and items from little girls who use the website stardoll. It is pretty hateful to steal from kids, and because these acts occur online, they are very hard to catch. The employee code is a lie created by scammers to steal from naive girls. Stardoll staff tells girls to never change their email to an email that is not their own. Because then the person with the email can use the forgot password feature to access the account and steal from it. Please delete this post and block this user. Thanks.

  6. Guest23809518

    hackeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Guest23808349

    I am not understanding step 2, could you make it more clear, please? What do you mean chose on of these emails? And what do you mean including account ownership?

  8. Guest23808653

    Requirments needed to get Employee code:
    1. Account MUST be 1 years or older. (to be worth getting employee code. Don't waste your time creating new accounts.)
    2. You don't need to be superstar, you can be Non-SS.
    3. Don't create new accounts, or don't try to get Employee code with "younger" than 1 years account.
    Stardoll admins WILL ignore you and you will get a warning in the game, at (After few warnings, accounts are Deleting.) They will Delete your MAIN account, not the new one you created. How? Don't ask me, i don't know that.
    Now, how to get the EMPLOYEE CODE - the cheats master? You need to do both STEPS.
    STEP 1. Change your email to:

    Add me as friend, and i will give you another email. With that email, doing these 2 Steps, effect will be BIGGER. I mean, if you could get 5 000 Stardollars with

    You will get like 15 000 Stardollars with Email that i will keep in secret. I will give that email for only those, who are really worth it, and who will contact me.

    (Ssa means - Stardoll Stuff Administrator.)

    HOW to change you Stardoll email? Press: "My page", "My account" and then "Settings".
    Of course, last step - Change your email.

    STEP 2. Choose one of these emails. And write a private message including Account ownership. What that means? You need to prove yout account "rightfull". How? She WILL explain you. (

    *Also, i wanna that you now this: Stardoll Administrators NEVER HACK. Good luck!

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