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Dear John

The Passion of the Christ, which I have finally just seen, was stunning! I am an artist/photographer long interested in movies, having made many, and beginning in high school. I am deeply moved and inspired by Mel Gibsons bravery and stick-to-itiveness re: the vicious and hateful Hollywood peoples hopes for his failure! I too am minimized by my liberal arts, oh, so "tolerant" friends.

I have many movie concepts and ideas that I would like to share with Mr. Gibson, with the idea of expanding greatly his wonderful accomplishment in his Passion of the Christ!! There are millions of people in America and the world over, who are just sick at Hollywood; even many Moslems, I am sure. I too, am just sick and we the people, as well as civilization itself, needs, NEEDS, Mel Gibson to continue and expand what he has just begun with his beautiful movie, The Passion of the Christ!!

My question is this, how do I get in touch with Mel Gibson or his trusted people to advance my ideas, hopefully to be of some help in these regards?

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  1. John

    Hi Michael

    Sounds like you have some really great ideas. I have a couple of addresses you can try.

    Icon Productions Inc.

    555 Melrose Avenue

    Santa Monica, CA 90038

    Mel Gibson

    C/O International Creative Management

    8942 Wilshire Blvd.

    Beverley Hills, CA 90211

    If neither of these work for you, let me know. I also have a third address which I will give out only as a last resort!


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