Is this incorrect attitude if somebody possessed a wealth of talent?

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I am 15 and I have wanted to act since I saw the first Harry Potter film. I was an avid reader of the books even before I had a clue about the movies and what inspired me about it was that these people could take this story and bring it to life and the kids looked like they had so much fun with it. The point is that I feel like the talent and drive I think I have been blessed with will get me into any movie. Is this incorrect attitude to have? Also I feel like I am being unrealistic. I understand how hard it is to break into this business or at least I think I do, but say if somebody possessed a wealth of talent how long will it take before they would get discovered? I hope you do not think I am being conceited because I was not trying to be.

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  1. Angelina

     Your mind-set is good. You appear to have a balanced approach. You believe you have gifts and yet you are worried with not having a awful attitude. That's a good sign. Keep being eager to discover and humble.
    The best thing you can manage is to start to get out there. Get some portraying experience? Start in community theatres. Find certain thing to proceed in. If you are adept, find an agency for film. Agents understand where the possibilities are in the industry. As you get these knowledge even though little, things will start to open up for you.
    There is no illusion timeline for discovery. It counts on who you attach with and it counts on how continual and reliable you are with your work in film. If you just poke at it now and then, it will take many longer.
    The most significant thing is that you have joy and relish the ride. Don't anticipate to be discovered. Just manage the best that you can.

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