computer comes on then restarts

by Guest14861017  |  11 years, 3 month(s) ago

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the computer will come on then restart with the power still on

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hey There, If you can't get into safe mode, or if windows wants to start....but "loops" after awhile, it could be the CPU temp sensor that is goofy (or your CPU that actually is overheating). Is your computer new? Has the CPU been changed (or removed from socket) recently? I had a client with a similar problem; right after the POST, the computer would start "working" a few seconds, and then would loop back into startup...and would do it over and over. - maybe CPU sensor - maybe dried out CPU compound between CPU and fan-block those are only likely if you can't make it into safe mode thrax is right with memtest86+. Always good to give it a pass or 2... Best of luck

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