communication facilities for disaster management. informormation on communication facilities used

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informormation on communication facilities used for disaster management

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    disaster management pre disaster management ,during disaster management and post disaster management

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    communication facilities for disaster management BRIEF NOTE
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    Friends there is one and only one website for CBSE Projects i.e You project i.e communication facilities in disaster management is available at Communication is a major bottleneck in case of any major disaster particularly when the traditional network system already in force brake down. In order to strengthen communications, it has been decided that police network (POLNET) will also be used for disaster management. For this purpose POLNET communication facility will be extended to District Magistrates, Sub Divisional Magistrates as well as the Control Rooms.
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    how can we prevent from disaster management
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    Communication facilities for the disaster management system is the most important act as it conveys the right time communication in disaster, it can help in handling disaster plus also helps in reducing it. There are two types of information that is needed in disaster management. They are as follows: 1. Pre-disaster Information 2. Post-disaster Information As far as the pre-disaster information is concerned we can get the information about it from the research and analysis department of the geography in the country; whereas the post- disaster information is the information we collect after the disaster. Our first job is to find out where and how does it occur? What is the next step to help people? Now a days Satellite Communication play a major role in disaster management Communication. Communication Facilities can be set up for rescue and relief operation purposes. Find below some of the Disaster Communication Facilities: 1. DCWDS (Digital Cyclone Warning Dissemination System). It is for the pre-disaster information. 2. WLL-VSAT This is taken in terms of handsets which can be easily taken inside of the affected areas and sends information by direct audio communication. 3. MSS This type of reporting terminal is developed for sending short messages directly through satellite in remote areas. 4. AES-SNG This is a system which can send video pictures of the affected area for online review from the control centre.

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