communication facilities for disaster management. choose any one method of communication from

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choose any one method of communication from various means of communication like radio/satellite/television/Ham radio which are used by Govt. departemnts such as the Indian Meteorological Department to disseminate information. Find out how the information is disseminated by them at various levels during disasters. Prepare a report

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    i got it

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    U can look at ur textbook for this: chapter 4 Alternative Communication Systems during the end of the chapter some websites are given
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    Friends there is one and only one website for CBSE Projects i.e You project i.e Communication Facilities for Disaster Management is available at Communication is a major bottleneck in case of any major disaster particularly when the traditional network system already in force brake down. In order to strengthen communications, it has been decided that police network (POLNET) will also be used for disaster management. For this purpose POLNET communication facility will be extended to District Magistrates, Sub Divisional Magistrates as well as the Control Rooms.
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    what is the meaning of this

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