Difference in commercial and residential property investments

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A friend told me that my house is located on a commercial property but I did not get what he was trying to tell me. I am living here from 4 years and no one ever told me something like this. Please someone tell me the difference between a commercial and residential property investment.

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  1. Owen Sloan

    Every person who is thinking of investing in real estate asks whether they invest in residential or commercial property investments for high worth. Residential property is either a single or multifamily home unit whereas commercial property is a big office, industry or a rotten land which can be used for business purpose. Both have its own advantages and disadvantages, you need to first determine your budget and purpose of making investment. Obviously commercial property will give you higher worth then residential property. However, people love to make investment in residential property because it does not require high capital as compare to commercial one. Even last year I have invested in Florida property market and bought two homes by the help of Albanese builders - - whose prices get tripled in just one year of time. So residential property is a good option for people who don’t have high capital for making investment.

  2. Angelina

     When you invest in residential house you are vitally considering with people. When the lease is late, you have to deal with an individual - the tenant. If you seem the house is not being looked after correctly, you will have to deal with persons who may have a distinct attitude from you.
    With financial house, you are vitally considering with contracts. If the lease is not paid on time, then the agreement (lease agreement) stipulates a sequence of remedies that the landlord can take. If the house is not kept up to a certain benchmark, then the agreement may stipulate that you can drive in a financial cleaner and drive the account to the tenant.
    Generally, authorities round the world have countless directions ruling the leasing of house to residential tenants, which override any thing that you may put in your rental agreement. For demonstration, in the UK, if a tenant is behind in their lease, you will not just evict them. There are all sorts of protections in location in order that the tenants will not be exploited. You have to permit them to drop behind in lease for not less than 30 days before you can start eviction proceedings.

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