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Hi, I am 35 yrs old and live in Chicago. I have always wanted to be a model but never tried to become one because I was severely overweight. I have since lost a lot of weight and wanted to know if I have a chance at commercial modeling at my age? Can you please give me your honest opinion about commercial modeling. And if I do have a chance, what do I need to do to get started? Thanks :)

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  1. John
    There are no age restrictions with commercial print modeling (other than what an individual agency might set) or size requirements, but looks matters a lot, and you have to be photogenic. Any modeling agency will ask for a modeling composite card for consideration, although they will sometimes accept a couple of photos instead. Similarly you have to make a professional portfolio, which justifies your real talent and modeling skills. If they ask for a modeling composite card you need to get that done before sending in your detailed information or making an appointment. There are many varieties on comp cards - not necessarily in size but in composition. Generally, you'd have a two sided color composite card with your name and a face shot on the front, and anywhere from 2-6 photos on the back that shows your looks, along with your stats (height, weight, shoe/dress size, eye and hair color). You can type in \"modeling composite cards\" in your favorite search engine and find many examples to look at, as well as price ranges. Best of luck to you

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