How much commercial and part models are paid?

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I am interested in commercial and part modeling in the NYC area. All I want to know is that how much does a part/commercial model make money in NYC, and does commercial and part models work on daily basis?

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  1. John

    The answer to your questions is based on several variables. Pay for commercial print and parts models is not generally a salaried position, but rather an amount negotiated by your agent with the client. The pay scale also depends on who the client is the scope/exposure of the job, and the experience of the model. For example, a new parts model may get a small job modeling several rings for a local jewelry ad in the newspaper. They could make just $100 per hour, and only work for one hour. The following week they may get a well-known dish washing liquid commercial, for which they may make several thousands of dollars along with residuals. Commercial print is the same. A simple stock photo series for a local photographer may be only a flat rate or $100 for an hour or two, while an ad for a luxury golf resort in a major magazine may pay thousands, particularly if yours is a recognizable or celebrity face.

    There are many commercial print models I know of who work every day - although most of them also do acting as well, and are represented by talent agencies who have both a commercial print modeling division as well as a talent division. Parts models are quite often also fashion models, and are listed with agencies that have a parts division in addition to a fashion division. Again, work opportunities would depend on who your agent is, what you look like, how much industry demand there is for your look, and your level of experience in the industry. Luckily, NYC is one of the top locations in the world for modeling - so you don't have to worry about being in a small industry market in addition to all the other criteria.

    Good luck to you

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