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I have in mind to orquestrate the creation of 3 different types of commercials. I know what channels I want these 3 different commercials on, they vary in their purpose. I understand add agencies are out there to facilitate everything from creation to airtime contracts, but since I have nobody I trust that I can consult I figure this email the best starting point.

So here are my questions:


What entity is best for direct inquiry for best estimate/costing of spot rates? In particular one of the commercials is intended for BET (black audiences), another for Latin America (Univision & telemundo) and finally the last for mainstream America.
I have done some research and got all the phone numbers I need but have doubts as to whom to direct myself to or whether to call the show I want the commercial to show on or the channel or the network, the department, how to request spot rate, etc?


The themes of the commercials I intend to see made a reality are in general, anti-drug/violence pro studies <for adolescents>, supermarket branding, and food label branding. What specialty should I seek in the producer/director that will be in charge of taking my vivid descriptions of what I want and draft script and making them a reality?


I would like to integrate spongebob in the food branding commercials. Who should I talk to get proper permission and/or pricing for this?

Thank you

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  1. John

    Dear Michael

    Thank you for your email. The commercial business is not my area of expertise. Feature films, prime-time television programming, and live theater are my areas of expertise. But I'll try and answer your questions as best I can.

    1) It is difficult to say what a network or independently owned channel would charge you to run a commercial on their channel. It depends heavily on the time of day/night in which you want to air your commercial. It also depends upon the time of year. For example, during the airing of a major sporting event, such as the Super Bowl, advertisers are charged about $1,000,000 per 30 second spot.

    2) In order to bring your vision to the screen, you would want to employ the services of an advertising agency. Ad agencies have commercial production companies with which they do business. They will look at the reels of directors who are represented by the commercial companies and make their decision on who they think are the best choice to shoot your commercial. So, I would contact an Ad agency to start.

    3) SpongeBob is a trademarked and copy written product. In order to determine who owns the product, watch one of the SpongeBob television programs and look at the credits of the show. It will tell you who owns the product. Then call that company and share with them your idea. They will tell you if they are interested and what licensing fee you would have to pay for the right to use their product.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!

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