color that begins with S

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color that begins with S

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  1. Guest12810835
    silver!?!?! duh

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, There is a list below: Safety orange Saffron Sage Salmon Salmon pink Sand Sandy brown Sangria Sapphire Scarlet School bus yellow Sea Green Sea-foam green Seashell Sepia Shadow Shamrock green Shocking pink Sienna Silver Sky blue Slate Slate grey Smalt Spring green Steel blue Strawberry Stucco Sunflower Sunglow There are major colors that begin with the letter "S" such as those given above and also several colors that are descriptive, such as; school bus yellow, shocking pink, or sky blue. safety orange saffron salmon sandy brown sangria sapphire scarlet school bus yellow sea green sea shell selective yellow sepia shamrock green shocking pink silver sky blue slate grey smalt spring bud spring green Steelblue Smalt (dark powder blue) sienna (brown) salmon (pink) sand (light brown) slate (gray/blue) straw sage (green) saphire (blue) sable (black, dark brown) saffron (yellow) scarlet (red) sepia (brown) sage (gray/green) sienna (brown) sepia (brown) scarlet (red) saffron (yellow/orange) sand slate (dull gray/blue) straw seashell, sangria hope it helps

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