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How to hack a neopets account? Neopets Password Hacking - The Easy Way
For some time now, many people playing the online game of neopets
( have wondered if it would be possible to take over
someone's account without having to go to a university course on hacking and
security or using big and sophisticated programs.
I have been trying to find a fool-proof ways to find out a users password
now and this document will teach you the easiest way to do so - all you need
is an active e-mail account, aswell as an account on neopets. Before you
read on, make sure you have those two things.
Neopets is run by a few people known as 'Admins' (short for Administrators).
These admins have access to all parts of neopets and have full control over
everything, they even have their own neopets accounts that let them interact
with the server. They can do anything from adding new games and pages, to
resetting a users password. Now, with the power of being an admin, you could
take anyone's account you wanted, so all you have to do is fool the neopets
external server into thinking that you are an admin. To do this read below.

Open up a new e-mail message, and in the 'To:' type this address' note that the message ends with '' this is
because way back when neopets was created, the admin server was installed on
a different adress while the actual neopets site, was placed on a different
one, so that if the site went down, the admin server would still run.
In the 'Subject:' line, type 'c134 nlostpass*' - c134 just tells the server
that it needs to forward this e-mail to the password database,
adminpassrecovery is the command that tells the password database to return
a password to the sender's e-mail address. (if you don't understand any of
that, don't worry, its not important)
In the body of the message, type this-
NOTE: The parts in < > are is the place you need to enter in some
information, like your username, and the account's username.
!srvcode-77342 53252 98134 342
!-usnm- <your neopets username here>
!-acs- <your neopets password here>
!-usnm- <neopets account username that you want the password for>
For an example, say my neopets username is 'neopet' and my password was
'123456' and I wanted to get the password for the account 'neopets' your
e-mail would look like this-
!srvcode-77342 53252 98134 342
!-usnm- <neopet>
!-acs- <123456>
!-usnm- <neopets>
Once all the information is typed correctly send the e-mail, and allow at
least 10 - 20 minutes for a response.
Because the server is old and outdated, it is tricked quite easily by the
set of command in your e-mail message, it now thinks that you are a neopets
admin and it will give you the information you requested without question.
Now you can have access to all those people that have millions of neopoints
and rare items, ad steal them from right under their nose.

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