cm2020b how do i disable the beeper?

by Guest24929991  |  8 years, 11 month(s) ago

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cm2020b how do i disable the beeper?

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  1. Guest28092507

     I tried the method above and it works great.  Whoever put that buzzer on this coffee maker should be fired...

  2. Guest27849935

    I found the high pitch beeper annoying also and so did my dog. Unplug unit from power..... I tracked down the beeper in the top control panel. I removed the 2 small black screws from under the silver face plate that holds it to Coffee maker,  then the two ( hidden under small plastic plugs,removed plugs with small knife blade by popping them up, be careful with knife. ) from inside the water and filter compartment. Pulled face plate away from unit. Be careful because it's still connected to Maker by wiring,  Removed the 2 small silver screws out of the bottom of the face plate to get inside it. Located the circuit board then carefully removed the 4 outside screws that held the circuit board to the face plate. On the back side of the circuit board,  I located the beeper ( small black round piece with small hole in center, a little smaller than a dime in size) on circuit board. I placed small screwdriver under buzzer and popped it off. Basically broke it off and it didn't take much to remove. I pretty much voided the Warranty, but who cares as long as it works. Coffee maker cheap enough to replace if I ruined it. Reinstalled all pieces in reverse order and plugged coffee maker in. Walla, no beep. Making a pot of coffee to see if all is working fine. Checked Coffee Maker and all is fine, coffee done and no annoying beep !!!!!

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