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HI! Saw a movie years ago, never got to finish it pretty sure it was Cloris Leachman, traveling with her husband, they stop in desert at gas station, she comes out, and he is gone everyone acts like they never saw the guy. Maybe has word dime in the title maybe you can help, been thinking about it for years! Can you tell me the name of this movie? Do you know something about it?

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    Married couple Jean and Bob Mitchell, traveling on a deserted desert road at night, stops at a rundown roadside diner. When time comes to leave, Jean is ready, but Bob hasn't returned from the men's room. In fact, Bob is nowhere to be found. Jean's anguished efforts to locate her husband are mysteriously blocked by the hulking restaurant proprietor."
    That was a TV film from 1973 called "Dying Room Only". Cloris Leachman and Dabney Coleman played the married couple, with Ross Martin and Ned Beatty as the bad guys.
    Dying Room only was released on September 18, 1973, is a prototypical example of the ABC Movie of the Week so common during the period. Expertly paced, and well acted by lead Cloris Leachman, it's the type of vehicle that had viewers on the edge of their sofas and beds. Leachman heads a small cast that included Dabney Coleman and Ned Beatty. The film is bolstered by a suspenseful teleplay from legendary Richard Matheson (based on his short story) and was a memorable thrill in many ways for viewers lucky enough to catch it on the tube in September '73.
    A similar story was used for the 1986 Kurt Russell film "Breakdown", but this time round it was the Wife who disappeared.

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