People are getting in to classic television.

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I always watch old shows like three is company and all in the family and i am 21! why do you think more people are getting into classic tv? My sisters 13 and shes just as hooked as me! Can someone help me with this here? Share your views about this here. What do you think can be reason for this? I would really appreciate your favor and time.

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    I am glad to hear you enjoy classic TV. I cannot explain it, unless it is because your generation is looking for something simpler, more wholesome and less violent! This would be a great question to raise on the Classic TV section of the Classic Movies Forum. Go to to log in. If you are not a Delphi member, you will need to register, which only requires an email address.
    One more reason why people like the classic television is that, in classic movies or TV serials you can find reality and simplicity. Today’s films are more based on fictions and sci-fi that at times make a person fed up of. Technology has made things easy for films and actors. In classic era you can find more acting and less camera graphic work. I hope I have answered the questions you asked. Best of luck.

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