Classic movies with devil living around fence.

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Charlotte, I have been wracking my brain for the names of 2 particular movies. I do not recall the actors as I saw these movies while i was very young. Hope you can help.1st movie deals with the devil living in a tree that has a fence around it. There is an old man in a wheelchair and his grandson is curious about the tree but if he goes over the fence and climbs the tree the devil will take him...the grandfather talks to the devil about not tempting his grandson.
The other movie took place in France...I thought it was Charles Boyer but I could be wrong. Anyway, the only part i remember is he is in a hotel room possibly with a woman but I believe he is married this other woman. I dont think it is Love Affair...any other possibilities?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are two movies about the Devil ( in one it is Death) trapped in a tree, one is an oldie, made back about 194?, and it is \"The devil and Daniel Webster\", it stars Edward Arnold as Daniel Webster and Walter Huston as the Devil. It is about a man who sold his soul to the Devil for success, and when it comes time to pay off, he hires Daniel Webster to plead his case. He has the devil trapped in a tree.
    The other one is a later movie, made in 1952, \"On borrowed Time\". It stars Ralph Morgan and Mildred Dunnock, and Billy Chapin, It is about two elderly people obsessed with death who care for their grandson when his parents are killed. But when Mr. Banks Death comes to get the boy, they trap him in a tree.

    The other one. There are several makes of the same movie, back in the 30s with Charles Boyer, and Irene Dunne, \"Love affair\". They met on an ocean liner before each of them married someone else, and the classic affair ensues that is the way it is described, but i remember it very differently. It was a period movie set around the turn of the century. I remember he was married, but she wasn't. I think the preview has the wrong info down about that one. There was one in the 60s or so, starring Susan Hayward and John Gavin. The met and fell in love, he was married with 2 children, but they had an affair all over Europe, and he and his wife were killed in a car wreck.

    At the end of the movie, she is grieving, won't leave her house. She is not wanting to survive his death, and his little boy, who had seen her with his dad, and knew about her, and his little sister, show up at her door, with their suitcases with them, they had no one, and you know, they shared the love of their father.

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