Want to know the title of a Classic movie from 50s

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"I saw this movie in the mid 80s, that was from the 50s, about a couple who met in wartime Europe, he was from America and she from Europe (with a desire to become a designer, who said she would spell her name RAE on her label if she ever became famous). Long story short, he left to go back to US and marry rich girl back home, she did become famous, years later moved to California, ran into him, they started up old romance and having an affair, he had wealthy wife (she was very social, alcoholic, nanny took care of the two children, and she would not give him a divorce) They kept their affair pretty silent for awhile, then when she had a big premier, his wife made a big spectacle in front of everyone about their affair.

She then goes home, he tells her he cannot take the way she does the children or him anymore and is leaving, he loves Rae, she said she would give him a divorce but first he had to go with her somewhere?, he said OK, and she drives them off a cliff or something and kills them both instantly. You see Rae sitting at her home devastated, and then you see the kids, and the son asked the nanny to take them to meet her, the one their dad loved so, the show ends with them pulling up into her driveway? Or something likes that. The wife had blonde hair, was in a lot of movies during this time frame, the one who played Rae- had dark hair, I can picture her, but her name does not come to mind.

I was thinking Cary Grant was the guy, but I could not find it in his movies, but who knows, maybe I overlooked it. I would love if you could figure out the title of this movie. It is driving me crazy, I have tried to find it for years and my husband and I have never seen it again."

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  1. John

    Hi Laura

    A ray of sunshine just came through, and I think I have found the film you are describing. A bit late, but here is the info. It is been made three times, but each changed the storyline somewhat. (You can find them all on

    The title is \"Back Street\” and the most recent version was in Color, and released by Universal
    in 1961. It starred Susan Hayward as Rae, and John Gavin as her lover (he does look a bit like Cary Grant), with Vera Miles as the wife.

    Thirty years earlier, Universal released the first version (in black and white) in 1931. It starred Irene Dunne and John Boles. And in 1941, Universal released it is second version, also in B&W, (they must have liked this plot), starring Margaret Sullivan and Charles Boyer.

    Only the latest version has been released on VHS (and possibly DVD.)

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