Name of classic movie with pilot crash scene in 1970.

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I want to know about the name of movie with the scene of pilot crashed in the desert they don’t realize they are dead as there bodies are discovered they start disappearing one by one just cannot remember the title and who stars.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Sole Survivor is a movie which was written by Guerdon Trueblood and also directed by Paul Stanley. It was released in the year 1970. Its cast member include Richard Basehart, William Shatner and Vince Edwards. The film is about the remains of B-24 Liberator bomber. The story starts as while returning from a World War 2 bombing mission, a B-25 Mitchell bomber got into the line of enemy fighter and got damaged, the pilot panics out and due to having no navigation system it crashed in the desert in Libya and also travelled for about 700 miles before crashing. Five of the members of the plane survive and they head their way back to the wreckage of the aircraft and there they spend about next seventeen years. An oil surveying aircraft spots the plane and then reports it back to the US Air Force. When the five members say the plane coming they head back to crash site and started putting the objects together in their original positions so that they can tell everyone that they had stayed with the plane.
    The team of the plane was unable to find any evidence and therefore they had to accept what the plane members have taught them. In the end of the movie when the bodies of the members were recovered the ghost of each crew disappeared.

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