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I have had a movie on my mind for some time now that I saw when I was a child (1960s) and strangely, my mother mentioned it the other day.

My question is about a movie which is focused on a little (girl?) the girl was very sick, maybe pneumonia? In a hospital bed.

Outside the hospital was a tree that was losing its leaves.

The child watched the tree lose its leaves through her window and got worse as the leaves fell.

There was an artist who painted a leaf so that when the last leaf fell-the child would still see a leaf and seemed to help the kid.

The artist died

I am sorry for the lack of info. But would sure appreciate any tips to find out what this movie was.

Thank you

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  1. John

    I cannot find a 60s film but there was a 1917 film that is quite similar

    this webpage has the following information


    1a) Synopsis

    Johnsy and Sue are artists who move into Greenwich Village in New York City. As winter approaches and the weather gets colder, Johnsy becomes ill with pneumonia. She gets so sick that she believes that when the last leaf falls from the vine outside her window, she will die. An old artist, named Behrman, who lives in the same building as the girls, braves a storm one night to paint a leaf on the wall a leaf that will never fall. Cold and wet from painting in the icy rain, he catches pneumonia and dies. This gives Johnsy the hope to survive her illness, and it also creates the masterpiece Behrman had always dreamed of painting.

    Could this be the film you mean?

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