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When I was a kid I saw an old film about some toys that were alive. They tried throughout the film to find Santa before they turned back into ordinary toys once more. At the end they didn't find him in time and Santa picked them up from a set of stairs been bugging me for years...any idea what it may have been?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The movie you are talking about is Quincy’s Quest, the story is about toys which are to be presented in during the Christmas, One day before the Christmas in the toy factory when the shift was closed and the factory gates were locked, the toys came to life , they start to move, Quincy here sees a ray of hope, He meets Santa Clause at the top floor and asked for help in order to avoid the curse. The Quincy’s Quest has remained in the mind of many people whether they were scared or enchanted by it. The famous TV series , the Wizard of Oz also resembles this movie. The entertainer Tommy Steel wrote the script and also casted in the movie. It is a brightly colored movie and also a good entertainer for many people at the time. Tommy Steele played the role of Quincy in the movie, Mel Martin played the role of Rebecca, Charles Morgan played the role Narrator, Frederick Schiller played the role Smithy, Tony Aitken played the role Teddy, Lance Percival played the role of Jack, Aubrey Woods played the role Mr. Perfect.

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