chennai professional employment exchange renewal

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chennai professional employment exchange renewal

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  2. Guest24948638


    there is a browsing center near santhom employment office. only at that place we can renewal the employment details via online only.

    any other enquires send mail to


  3. Guest24924714

    Dear sir/madam,

    Myself M.Raveendra Bharathi done my bachelor of physiotherapy (B.P.T.)

    Done my registration in year of 2001 in santhome chennai.

     Did my renewal once after that in online after three years,but i tried on line renewal again i cant get it, can you pls guide me to which site i should go for and where my renewal stands.

    My Reg no: 2001M09284.

    pls do the needful.

    feel free to mail me

    thank you.

  4. Guest22642880

    The Employment Officer,
    Employment Office Santhome,
    Respected Sir/Madam
    Sub: Renewal of Employment Card - Reg
    Ref : My Employment Card No : 2008M07128
    With reference to the above subject kindly renew my Employment card No: 2008M07128, My Name is S.Ramesh, Date of Birth 08- 06-1987 and Regd date:28-04-2008.
    Please feedback my e-mail ID: after renewal my card
    Please do the needfull


  5. Guest20960211
    i dont have any document of my P.G registration number as well as the year and date of my renewal done previously. I wud like to renew now as early as possible. Kindly help me retrieve my number and tell me the procedure to renew.
  6. Guest20908984
    how to renewal my registration
  7. Guest20784239
    How to renewal my employment number

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