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I have been in the motion picture EFX business for 15 years. For various reasons, including, bordom, family-unfriendly hours, commuting, I want to change gears. I have what I think are marketable skills, sculpting, painting, animating(computer), and I would like to be able to work at home and support my growing family too. Is this unrealistic? I am not sure what to do next. Can someone give me a right guidance in this regard? Please help me.

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    Do I ever envy your experience! I can almost guarantee you that you can have a great freelancing career ahead of you - you've already been doing EFX for that many years, so applying your experience to animations will be a cinch for you.

    I am sure you know that Macromedia Flash movies are very popular (and command a substantial fee for the freelancer) and there are many other great animation software programs.

    You can learn to use. What you'll want to do is to brush up on your skills in computer animations and then register on talent pool sites like and (there are many others like them on line) and start bidding on projects that clients post their needing help on.

    For your painting and sculpting, perhaps you can do a brochure to give to galleries, as well as talking to gallery owners about what they're looking for and whether they'd take some of your work. You might also want to join artist's associations in your area, and find out about getting your work into shows and sales.

    I think you'll do just great when you get into freelancing there are many people out there I included who wish they were lucky enough to have your kind of experience and qualifications under their belt already. Good luck to you in your career.

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