centurion 35 day pendelin clock

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The clock loses about a half hour in a week. How do you ajust it?

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  1. Guest28059782

    I also have the same question regarding the chime/gong.  I just purchased my Centurion clock on EBay and the chime bars were not "seated".  There's an adjustable cradle that appears to be made to hold the chimes but when the hammers strike, there's just a dull "thud", not a chime.

  2. Guest17100435
    where is the date of make located, and is the chime supposed to thud, or make a "ding" sound?
  3. Guest16568339
    I have 35 day Centurion clock that was made in Korea. The pendulum was not hooked to the clock gear works when I purchased it a antique shop. Both time and chime springs work. I cannot find the right place to hook the pendulum and the small (I guess) metal extension rod for the pendulum. Anyone know how to hook it ?
  4. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, this is an Asian clock with very powerful mainsprings. Be careful when winding, making sure the click has set before releasing your grip on the key. If it slips it can do damage to the clock and your hand. The general rule on winding is that you keep winding until you feel an increased resistance. The only way to know the number of turns is to let the time and strike mainsprings run completely down and then wind fully counting the turns. You cannot wind a clock too tight unless you really force it. Overwinding is when you actually break something, and that's hard to do. People frequently bring clocks into my shop saying that they won't run because they are overwound. What has happened is that the clock wouldn't run for another reason and they just wind them up fully trying to get them started. There are many variations of these clocks. Most of them have keyed hands, meaning that the mechanism inside the clock movement has to be adjusted. If your minute hand has a brass bushing on it, the bushing can be held with a pair of pliers and the hand slipped back the minutes that it is off.

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