carolyn clifford of wxyz divorced?

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carolyn clifford of wxyz divorced?

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  1. Guest27875127

     I think she's wearing engagement ring from someone elsewhere

  2. Guest22585379

    She looks great on TV and even better in person... hope she finds happiness!

  3. Guest22550704

     gosh, how does one get such insider info?  Sorry to hear it though - I think she has three children.  Wonder if she'll have to pay alimony?  

  4. Guest22496961

    Yes ~ filed for divorce on 1/4/11.

  5. Guest21616744

    I've noticed that too for the past couple of months....maybe the financial strain of her husband's business issues has caused this...seems he's gotten himself in pretty deepv

  6. Guest20758247
    Carolyn Clifford has not been wearing her wedding ring. Whether she is officially divorced or not is not known. It is only lately that she has not been wearing her wedding rings.
  7. Guest20744074
    she doesn't wear a wedding ring anymore...

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