How to start a career in photography?

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I have developed my interest in photography and I am interested in showing and selling my work. I do color photos of people in `ordinary` situations, with hidden humor. I would like any ideas on this subject. Please give specifics, such as: Best size for pieces, How many limited prints, price range, the odds that I can quit my day job.... Please feel free to offer any advice even if it seems obvious. Also suggest me the proper way to market my work. I am looking forward for your expert opinion. THANKS!

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    Would like to give you three easy steps to success...but when it comes to fine art or photography there aren't any!

    My area of knowledge is related to galleries...artists, careers, etc. Unfortunately not necessarily photography, However...most areas have associations of photographers...start with calling your local newspaper and ask for the photo editor...or the top photographer [hoping you live in a town or city that is large enough to support such a creature]. Ask that person if their is a photographers group in your city or county.....then network with them.....if you went to college... Check with your placement office...and if you didn't go to college...check with the nearest college to your town and see if they have a placement office...with opportunities.

    The problem you face is that everyone who owns a camera [100 Million Americans] thinks they are photographers. So breaking into this \"field\" isn't easy.

    Sorry I can't be more optimistic....but my theory has always been.....if you really want something to will find a way to make it happen...or something better will happen. Good luck


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