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My 13 years old daughter has been taking dance, acting, and singing classes since she was five. You can probably tell was the year she told me she wanted to be a actor/singer. Anyway, she has tons of talent. And, some family members in our family are actors and singers. I told her I would take her out on castings and she knows what an actor is. She even told me herself; "Performing is a bunch of rejections occasionally interrupted by work". The thing is when I was younger and also wanted to be a dancer. I was about to go on tour with the New York Dance Company, when I had a mishap during a show and busted me knee. Anyways, I just do not want her to have her dreams crushed. I know, I sound so un-supportive but I just need some advice.

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  1. John

    Hi Jasmine

    You do not sound un-supportive to me. You sound like a caring mother who is concerned about her daughters happiness.

    In fact, you sound very supportive to me. You have gotten your daughter dance, acting and singing lessons. You have said that you will take her to castings. You and your family have taught her that acting is not all fame, fortune, excitement and glamor. But it sounds to me like you have done a great job.

    I understand that you do not want your daughter to have her dreams crushed, but you cannot protect her from life or from disappointment. I know that acting is one of the most difficult professions, and there are chances of disappointment, disillusion and rejection. And you are right to be cautious. But every profession has its hazards (look at athletics!), and risk is part of life no matter what you do. Do not deprive her of her dreams out of fear of failure or risk. If we try to do that, our children would never leave their bedrooms.

    But remember, there is no reason why she should have to begin by jumping into a professional career full force. Even if she has had classes and some experience with school and community shows, she is still only 13. She may continue to love acting, but people change their minds about careers all their lives. Actors - good actors - continue to train all their life. She can continue to take lessons. She can put together a resume and go to get headshots taken. She can start, slowly, to go to professional auditions, if she can find ones that don't require agent submission. She can begin to send out her headshot and resume legitimating, franchised teen agents. Acting professionally is hugely different from acting for fun in classes, school and community shows. It is a huge commitment (from both her and you!), and as you know, a tremendous amount of work, as well as a disruption in normal life. She may find, once she starts, that it is not what she thought it was. And there is nothing wrong with that either. Live changes continuously, as you have seen and what she wants at a child and at 13 may not what she wants as an adult. But there's no way to know unless she tries. And who knows, she may follow her dream and be one of the lucky ones who ends up doing what she really wants to in her life. And, with all the risks and pitfalls and obstacles, wouldn't that be a wonderful thing.

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