Guidelines in starting career in Graphic designing.

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I am about to graduate highschool and go to college. I love art, but I am not sure if that is the right career for me Is it hard being an artist and trying to sell your art? Do you have a lot of competition? What kind of companys hire Graphic artists? I am looking for some experts opinion on this. Do you have any experience in art? Someone please guide me in choosing a right career for me.

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    Hello there!
    The choice of an art career depends more on whether you can make a living doing it than it does on what you want to accomplish in your life...and what it is that makes you the happiest for example if you are in a job that is boring and dull and you hate it but you make a lot of money doing it you can be assured that you will think it is a long time between paychecks.

    I would suggest that you enroll in an arts program if you like it and do well then stick with it as the first two years of most college educations deal with the basics and the third and fourth year you can concentrate on your major.

    There are plenty of graphic arts jobs in large cities especially for those that have computer expertise so if you live art and are a risk taker go for it, if not, become an engineer. These days many companies are looking for good graphic designers and help the talented people to flourish in this field, Best of Luck with your career

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