can't get farmville to load

by Guest14668420  |  8 years, 5 month(s) ago

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can't get farmville to load

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  1. ccmalls11


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  2. Guest28054882

     I cannot get farmville to load

  3. Guest27966797

    my friends wont load on framville 2 what is wrong with it

  4. Muhammad Uzair
    Well farmville is qutie a heave game and it does need sometime to load but if your computer is not having capacity to bear such aload than it will hang your computer!
  5. rameez
    farm ville takes time to open because there are lot number of users who are using it which causes load on the server.
  6. Guest20567022
    it says done and it never opened my farmville game, my other facebook games load?
  7. Guest15419725
    Can't get onto my farm in farmville. Everything else works on my computer.
  8. Guest14780431
    can't get farmville to load
  9. Guest14753393
    cant load farmville, both from facebook nor from
  10. Guest14730454
    i can't get my farmville to load
  11. Guest14718121
    Help me load farmville
  12. Guest14718121
    Since the christmas items were added Farmville will not load
  13. Guest14674699
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  14. vivianli
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