canon 35mm eos rebel xs - i get a bc error with full batteries

by Guest20103557  |  10 years, 3 month(s) ago

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when i depress the shutter button halfway i get full info on the lcd, AF works fine, battery listed empty but not blinking and when i try to take the shot lcd displays "bc" and nothing happens

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  1. Guest20236252
    I found the problem. It's something related to the gear which flips the mirror. I played around with the sprockets found under the metal plate on the bottom of the camera and managed to get the camera to work for a while ( i drove the gears manually with a small Phillips screwdriver trying after each fraction of turn to work the camera). All the gear wheels and the engaging levers are made of plastic. I think the camera is busted for good. There is no way of knowing which part of the engaging mechanism is defective or worn out. It also could be the motor driving the gears that expired and it works only in certain positions. Well no biggie, i got the camera at a thrift shop for 3 bucks. When i managed to get the gears in the right position the lcd displayed a full battery, no bc error. If you turn the gears too much the mirror will flip an it will remain up. To bring it down just operate the camera and the motor will lower the mirror. I know it's not a real solution but i thought I'll let you know in case you're having the same problem.

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