cannot get light bulbs in broan range hood

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light bulbs do not fit into broan range hood

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  1. Guest17564238
    Buy power lock suction cups or any wall hanging type suction cup that is used to attach clothes or something to a wall. They are the size of the halogen 35 bulb that Broan recommends. Make sure you don't touch the bulb with your hands, as the oils from your hands can transfer and cut down on the life of the bulb, due to the high heat of the stove. Loosely, and this is the only way, put the bulb onto the suction cup and place in the bulb opening. Apply light pressure while turning the whole suction cup/bulb around and voila, the bulb will find its place.

  2. Guest17375284
    Cannot get light bulbs installed on brand new hood! Purchased bulbs described in owner's manual. ?????
  3. Guest15355451
    We had to take the panel down on each side and push on the back to get the bulbs to turn. No leverage on ours it kept giving everytime we pushed to turn.
  4. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Get two new bulbs and install them. These bulbs are exposed to a lot of heat above the stove and the filaments get brittle. I suspect that the filament on the bulb that still worked broke when you were s******g it out or back in. good luck.

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