Can you turn off the blood in call of duty modern warfare 2 PC?

by Guest20964843  |  9 years, 1 month(s) ago

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Hi there
The only thing which I do not like in games is the blood splitting in nearly all games, so please tell me how I can turn off blood in call of duty modern warfare 2 for PC. Is there any option in your mind or suggestion which you share with me easily to solve this issue? Tell me something if you have in your mind. I am looking out for a positive response from your. Help me out as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Guest27824326

    yes there is just type in cheat  i am stupid and its gone. no just kidding

  2. Guest23319669


    I am also playing this game and found it quite interesting. I have seen the same thing as well, and as a matter of fact there is very small amount of blood splitting. So I guess there is no problem with the blood splitting. I must say you should go with the flow, as there is no possibility that you can ever stop blood splitting. It is programmed in the game and you know we cannot easily remove it from the basic coding.

    And on the other hand if you are playing a war game than you cannot make such excuses. It is the basic theme of any war related game. So you must carry on with it. Otherwise there is no other option. I hope you can understand it very well. Believe me, if you try to understand, you will come to know that you cannot remove the basic pogrom from the game.


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