can you find a benjamin paxton on 637c blenheim ave in charlottesville va. and what race he is

by Guest16948117  |  9 years, 10 month(s) ago

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to see if he is a scammer of women

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  1. Guest24106659

    OMG! he already knows people know he's a s**t, guys like this just move on. i and one other girl he was trying to scam met on-line and we got him in a conference chat and gave him "what-for" and he kept trying to make out like HE was the victim! in my case after this happened he IMed me privately and called me everything under the sun..................

  2. Guest24056516

    Just talked to him............Imma let him know he is found out! Then see if he will reply to my emails. #Screwedup man

  3. Guest23944364

    Ok Ok, i have been speaking to a benjamin paxton, 40 with a teenage son, he says he lives in virginia, and is from england.. sends you beatiful letters and poetry, swears his undying devotion to you and only you, infact i just recieved an e-mail from him tonight. but every body go to romance scam . com you can do a reverse search of his e-mail address

  4. Guest20466883
    Hi there, Thank you for your alert. He has gone international Asia. He send me pictures of his beautiful house and a BIG garden. I was supicious of his action when he told me he was secretly in love with me for at least 3years. In fact I knew him for last then a month. He is crazy!!!! DO not get trick by his LOVE letter.
  5. Guest19580493
    he does not cover his tracks well. i have found 2 other girls besides me that he has been talking to in the same time frame...sometimes even @ the same time! claiming we r the only many "only one"s can a guy have? plus the 4 who have posted here...that makes 7 @ the same time!!!!!
  6. Guest19350774
    He has been telling me how madly, deeply he is in love with me. Having only chatting online. Boy does he think I am an idiot or what? But he has another thing coming. I say we all get together and show up on his door step. i found him on Stay away girls he's a scammer! Just wait until he comes back to the states, if he's even out of the US.
  7. Guest19350774
    OMG! I have contact with him just a few minutes ago! Telling me the same story! Holy shite! Knew he was a scammer. felt it all along!
  8. Guest19334349
    OMG! this is who i'm talking to!!!!!!!!! he's a widower in charlottesville but is out of country right now dealing with cars will be back stateside next week and will come to me........................OMG!!!! how r there people like that in this world. i was believeing him!!! boy am i a dumb a*s!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Guest19333050
    i have had contact with this man also. Declaring his undying devotion. says he owns a car dealership in charlottesville. but he has to leave the country for weeks because he has to bring back cars to the states. what kind of man is this?
  10. Guest17133757
    He sends messages of love as if he is reading from a cheap paperback to my daughter. She has never met him in person. Met him Watch out ladies their is a scum oh sorry I mean scan going on.
  11. Guest17133106
    He is telling my sister she is his soul mate and is opn an oil platform right now and his mom is in a hospital dying and he needs money for her for medication
  12. Guest17133044
    I am wondering the same thing. How and where did you meet him? Or did you just talk to him on line? What is the deal with this guy?

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