What are the features of Eders facility?

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I like to know about the feature of Eder’s hotel and facility, where it is located and what are the benefits that they offer, can anyone tell ?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Eder is a popular hotel and staying place where you can spend your precious time in a better way. Also it is a cost effective method to stay at a cheap hotel. It is a two star hotel and has the facility where you have a good hotel experience. Eder is 1 km from the Munich city center. There are many attractions and landmarks which you can enjoy while staying at the hotel. There is museum as well as boutique which is located outside the Eder and you can visit these places, you can check out about the latest games and events in Munich and also you can go for jogging. There are many facilities which are offered in the Cable/Satellite Television for convenience.
    The family run hotel has a true heritage of hospitality. There are antiques furniture present in the hotel. The guest rooms are equipped with modern furniture’s depending upon the comfort level.
    Other facilities of Hotel are there is a proper air conditioning system which is available and present in every room in the hotel, there is a cable and satellite TV, hair dryer facility in the room, Internet access is also provided, telephone facility is also provided in every room. Pets are not allowed in the hotel so if you have a pet do not bring it with you.

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