Can windows 7 home premium join a domain?

by Guest20964476  |  9 years ago

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I have windows 7 premium installed on my computer and I want to know that if windows 7 Home Premium can join a domain.

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  2. Harry

    There is a condition involved in this process as Windows 7 home premium does not have the feature join the domain network. The main sticking point is usually joining the machine to the domain. IT staff use this to do things like set up your user account, control access to file shares (and possibly an exchange mailbox), deploy certain kinds of software to the machine, and generally get their job done. A machine not joined to the domain will require a lot more work for them to keep up with than one that is joined. As this does not prove to be a real problem on one machine (you can set up solutions for most things) but it is definitely a problem if there are lots of machines like this. It will cripple their ability to keep systems functioning efficiently. This is the kind of thing where making exceptions creates a slippery slope and once they allow getting away with it and all of a sudden 20 computers to support that are not connected and all need special attention. To join a domain you need to have Windows 7 professional or Ultimate running on your computer. So if you have windows home premium installed on your PC, first you must go ahead and upgrade to 7 professional or Ultimate and then try joining a domain as it may not work otherwise.

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