can son MAKE LOVE WITH his mother

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  1. Guest28309323

    the two of you get naked and make love to each other til the cows come home

  2. Guest28259130
    Yes he can and should if the chance presents itself. I was lucky enough to be blessed with such a chance myself when I was nearly thirteen and it went on a daily basis until I was twenty
  3. Guest28169922

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  4. Guest28169598

    This came up in a search I made concerning people who find it difficult to show their love!  I wanted to put aside my own sense of right and wrong to try to understand when I saw that there actually was dialogue on such a subject.  What I have read only shows why this site was located in my search for reasons people cannot show their love..... I wonder if those speaking on here have ever been fulfilled in love other than that they feel for their mother?  Am I right to believe that those speaking here have not had sexual fulfilment with another woman?


  5. Guest28167542

    My c**k gets hard everytime I think about my mum. I just wanna bury my rod in her sweet warm p***y and leave it there forever. The hole I came from is the only hole I want to come in!

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  7. Guest28093336

    When I was 36 and Mom was 69, I tongued her hindquarters for her birthday present. After several orgasms, she had me switch to the place I was born from. We went back and forth from hole to hole for hours, stopping only so that I could drink her urine. She told me it was the best birthday ever and, if I wanted to give her one ltimate birthday gift, would I become her s*x and toilet slave forever. I readily agreed and she made me seal the deal by eating a massive dump from her perfect, creamy, hairy hind end. I am the luckiest man in the world!

  8. Guest28077061

    do what you think right

  9. Guest28073789

    When I was 20 and my Mom was 46, I asked her to pose for me for a photography class I was taking. She put on s**y make-up and clothes and posed provocatively. i had fantasized about her before and this occasion just was too much to resist. I came close to her, kissed her on the lips and we made love. It was the warmest, sweetest and most exciting moment of my life. When we finished, she kissed me sweetly on the lips, left the house and we never spoke of it. She died two years later. I am grateful every day that I had this experience with my Mom. It is something special she and I will always have.

  10. Guest28005711

    I did it and I can't evre forget making love to my 60 year old mother. It had been a fantasy for as long as I can remember, and now I just keep thinking about how great it was.


  11. Guest27792457

    The two of you can remember each other as you were forty years earlier. During s*x, each of you can imagine the hidden desires of all those years ago. If you're both up to it, make it hot and heavy.

  12. Guest23288761

     totaly agree  , the s*x i had with my mother when she was in her mid 60s is still the greatest s*x i ever had, nothing can come close, it was like we became one, the passion of her kiss, go for it , 

  13. Guest22876009

    I can think of no better form of love than that between a mother and son.  My advice to you:  make love to her, enter her womb , you're returning home:)

  14. Guest21429242
    Yes, he can make love to his mother. She gave him life and he's showing her how much he really loves her by making love to her. Making love is an intimate and very honest way to say to the other person (Mom) that you love them over all others. What is more practical making love to a new girlfriend or to your mother? The answer is to your mother. She's changed your diapers and breast fed you all in the same day. She's knows what you looked liked as an infant and as a child. Now,you're an adult-a finished and a complete man. Mom deserve a little sexual attention and the big surprise of what her little boy now looks like while he is in bed with her. Almost every little boy has spied on his nude mother with curiosity and much joy. He's also craved her in childhood. So, now act upon it in your adult hood and it can be a pleasant experience for the both of you are curious of what is under each of your nighties too. It's the best and possibly the only way to try and pay her back for her carrying you inside of her for nine months. One little or long time in bed with your mother is the most natural way to have s*x. You were meant to be together so why not with your mom. She deserves a little sexual feeling of ecstasy and so do you. So, go ahead and shower with your mom, then dry each other off. Then,gently carry your mom to her bed and make the night of it. The next day instead of cleaning your room, clean each other with some good wholesome s*x. It 's the only way to get truly sexually satisfied. So, enjoy your mom. Have s*x on Mother's Day. It's only fitting. It beats chocolate and flowers or dinner at the local buffet. s*x with your mother should feel glorious as you both are reborn as the truest lover's that have ever lived. A mother and a son in bed together is simply BEAUTIFUL and BLISSFULLY SWEET. Especially when you make her feel such joy while you're both under the sheets. It's all like heaven. Inside of her is true love. Why should the love making between a mom and son ever stop when her skin feels softer that all the love.
  15. Guest21354592

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