can i reheat cooked scallops?

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can i reheat cooked scallops?

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    I would generally be careful reheating seafood of any sort and certainly never store for more than a day. As rule of thumb, if pan seared or boiled previously you can chill fish, lobster, scallop in the fridge after cooking from fresh and then eat either cold (lobster salad sandwich, yum yum) or microwave reheated either the same day or at very latest the next day (24hours). Eat reheated goods at once, do not refreeze and never reheat twice! Store away from other raw goods. Wrap tightly to protect from drying out. Fish is iffy as are mushrooms and dishes made from cream because they brake down more rapidly than say red meat or cooked chicken. Anything within 24hours should be ok. Hope it helps!

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