can i import car from japan to pakistan

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i want to know customs tax on car , if i import a car to pakistan

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  1. ZZ

     According to the rules and regulations implemented in Pakistan any one can import any car from any part of the world. The thing is that you can only import cars which are at maximum 5 years old. Any car which is there in the market for 6 years or above cannot be imported to Pakistan. 

    The custom duty on import of car in Pakistan is too high. you need to pay 200% of the invoice. Which make cars very much expensive in Pakistan. For the same reason almost all cars which are not manufactured in Pakistan are very much expensive. The cars which are manufactured in Pakistan means assembled in Pakistan are not up to the world standards. But still even those car are not cheap. 
    The government of Pakistan consist of such members who are there through illegal means and ways and they usually are the one's who like to live for like king's. And spent very heavy amount just on their transportation so they are in need to these customs duties and taxes all the time to fulfill their mouths. 

  2. Guest22608017

    i want to import toyota vigo 2004-2008 to pakistan from thiland. can anyone please advise me in this regard.

  3. Guest22442752

    i want parado 2006 so u call me 03214422676


  4. Guest16781091
    i wont to buy chevrolet camaro model 2009 how much taxes it on!
  5. Guest16712278
    I wanna export car to pakistan but really i don't know how it does function.any kind one can help me plz. I will be really very greatful. Allah bless you all.
  6. Guest15765747
    Hello world We are working as a freight forwarder custom agent and export inspection agent for buyer in pakistan . We deel in all kind of goods import or export in Pakistan with custom clearence loading unloading and inspection for buyer satisfaction . If you want to contact us kindly e mail at We will provide you the complete information procedure in all aspect absoulutely free of cost So dont waste your time and contact us for any thing you want as per above detail . Awaiting for your kind reply . Long live Pakistan . Sharoze Ahmed
  7. Guest14891467
    can i import car from japan to pakistan
  8. Guest14436844
    I want to import new Toyota car between(1000-1350CC) from Japan.Please help me ca I import easily the desired above mentioned car from Japan to pakistan. Yours Truly Laiqat Ali Chattah
  9. Guest11776949
    I am a New Zealand citizen and hve been abroad for the last 6 years. During this time I have never imported any sort of vehicles to Pakistan. My query is if i import a car (Toyoata Rav4 2000)from Japan under gift scheme how much custom duty do I need to pay? I will appreciate if someone could respond to my query asap. Thank you
  10. Guest11377505
    im disable i wana car converted for disables from japan

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