can i call justin bieber

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can i call justin bieber

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  1. Guest28418373
    Hey Justin Bieber you ok I love u so much

  2. Guest28399522

     I love u

  3. Guest28331516

    hay justini really like you i am not one of them people that will scream when they see a caleberty

  4. Guest28280891


  5. Guest28087660

     i like you to justin bleber my name is elaine

  6. Guest25030936
    1. hey justin i love you so much can you call me at 3331603 today at 6:00


  7. Guest24962680

    hey justin,

    this year I am coming to your concert and I really want your hat,and I mean your hat.

    please pick me to be your one less lonly girl.

    please write back to me.

    love you heaps and heaps.


    love you lots your bigest fan


  8. Guest23951422

    what are u doing? I Lovvvvve uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. 

  9. Guest23309150

    get a life lol

  10. Guest23284204

    hi justin bieber u is hot but u is 16 in am 15 ok .

    justin bieber do u like twilight or hannah monatan and selean gomez by.

    hi justin bieber my name is jakia ok







  11. Guest23268404

    can u cal me at 586 943 3042

  12. Guest23268381

    Dear Justin



    I LOVE U .

    CALL ME BACK    . LOVE U .

  13. Mitchel

    You can surely, not call Justin Bieber, on his personal cell number. He is a renown celebrity, and pretty busy, you cannot find his personal contact numbers on public portals. If you really want to follow his all latest news, you better access this online source:

  14. Guest22896447


  15. Guest22775346

    i love you jb i love your song faveorite girl i listen to it all the time.   let me introduse my self my name is mariah vences i was born on april 28 2000 i hear your b day is coming up i cant wait when you get this can you please try to write back i cant wait tell you come to sacromento again i really  want your tickets i want to be your faveorite girl just like i saw in your movie.   LLOOVVEE YYOOUU JJBB

  16. Guest22705743

    i  love all your songs    and  cant wait to come to your concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Guest22695004


  18. Guest22692026

    hey waz up i under stand u live a hard life

  19. Guest22691041

     hi justin bieber can you come to rockford plz and sing buy love you


  20. Guest22531933

    Ehhhm.... Sorry to say this but his mom took his phone, They had a fight because of a stupid thing, and she said "Give me your phone!" And Justin Said "NO!" And then she took it, He loves his mom, but they have some fights...

  21. Guest22443508

    can    i      pleas     


  22. Guest22421996

    Justin bieber call me on: +45 60141177
    I'm from denmark.. :D LOVE YOU:)

  23. Guest22415327

    hi my name i caitlin im a big fan


  24. Guest22410010

    hi justin I need to talk to you please give me your phone number i live in wood green caxton road 17c flatc

  25. Guest22401783

    iam cody wats up

  26. Guest22399222

    my # is 77685883434


    from: jb

  27. Guest22344271


  28. Guest22341962

    hi it lizzy whats up i think you are awsome at singing i now all of the songs of yours there is one time  first dance  baby back down to earth runaway borde one time smeone to lve eenine meenie love me one less lonely girl  never say never up shouldn`t be me

  29. Guest21819454

    hey justin bebber baby

  30. Guest21594777

    love you


  31. Guest21027886
    her his e mail
  32. Guest21024222
    no u cant b***h or ill get u abanded go f**k off b***h call me 4323854493
  33. Guest21006724
    yes i can
  34. Guest20986152
    hay ya kristal sweetie do not give your # out or im going to have to report u my dad owns this but here but here hiz cuz # 4323854493
  35. Guest20986152
    hay ya kristal sweetie do not give your # out or im going to have to report u my dad owns this but here but here hiz cuz # 4323854493
  36. Guest20971786
    i love you justin bieber call me.787-249-9985 i totaly love you i have your fan number but not yore real number i love you so much youre my first love. please please please please i really love you. you are my only hope plllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeassssssssseeeeeeeee i really am depreased. please. love crystal
  37. Guest20934645
    yall r fucken dum b*****s man i sware yall r not his girl friends he dont like yall he loves jazmin in i dont blame him shes cooler then all ya b*****s in keep saying yall r his girl friends my dad owns this place in i can report all yall 4 giving out yalls #s in yall cant report me cuz my dad wont let yall in im 16 so ya hores little pusies
  38. Guest20924014
    justin bieber....pless answer me....pless...ok... i now u slepp this time...i love you to justin love jasmine...
  39. Guest20774127
    i love you justin bieber do you love me and you are cute
  40. Guest20544722
    yes you can but i don't know how but i know he's cute
  41. Guest20209097
    hi babe
  42. Guest20203605
    no he hates u alot i am his gf and he is dating me not u
  43. Guest19817348
    yes yo can becuz his phone number is 404-665-3410
  44. Guest19791959
    no i look online theres on number off his
  45. Guest19165258
  46. Guest19164865
    No, I tried. All of those numbers on google and whatever, are numbers you have to pay and there not real.
  47. Guest19031563
  48. Guest18427273
  49. Guest18116091
    iiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllloooovvvvve uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  50. Guest18078597
    justin bieber will not call you and me
  51. Guest17134093
    im justin bieber girlfriend he kissed me on the lips xxxx hes mine and only mine x*x nobody can have him because hes mine xxxx ha ha mK
  52. Guest17134093
    im justin bieber girlfriend he kissed me on the lips xxxx hes mine and only mine x*x nobody can have him because hes mine xxxx ha ha mK
  53. Guest16572651
    no you can not hes my boyfriend so leave him alone
  54. Guest15771229
    hi justin my name is destiny i do not have that much to say becuse it past my bed time i have use my comepter all day soo all have have to say is love u you ar hot call me 7329779594 bye love u
  55. Guest15704130
    5837484 call mee justinnnnnnnnnnnnn bieberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  56. Guest15005281
    justin i love the song one time but then i though i would like to call you but your phone number was no where
  57. Guest14975027
    i want your E-mail justin
  58. Guest14951539
    hey jb love you so much and that song that you sing one lessa lonley girl that is me i am 14 yaer old and i do not have a boyfriend so u can call me at 7329779594 that is my cell phone number. so call any time you like or you can go on my e-maill i will love you for the rest off my life. i am going to try to get you to my sweet 16 went i trun 16 ok love you. i now that you are very bussy so i am going to let you go bey.
  59. jbtrulovr
    yes you can call him i caant tell you the number but dont let all the other people tell you that you should leave him alone he woudnt be famous if he couldnt handle abuot 237 calls a day.
  60. Guest14844731
    i now justins phone number
  61. Guest14834073
    thank you so much for answering my question !
  62. Guest14764460
    you can call justin bieber at his fan number 404-665-3410.
  63. Guest14744232
    OMG justin bieber! like all my friends make fun of him. like he is AWESOME! am i right?! and i <3 u justin bieber i am 11 and i am tottaly i <3 with you and what is your phone # ? and i am TOTALLY your #1 fan! just write back love : annonomas
  64. Guest14256746
    umm i love your songs i am your #1 fan belive that i kk i love one less lonley girl and one time i was hering it 2day u are gud okay thank u for hereing my messge u are busy rite bye bye
  65. Guest14077730
    i love your song one time plz send back

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