can a mother and adult son bathe together

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can a mother and adult son bathe together

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  1. Guest28007647

    I agree get a psychiatrist, anyone heard of insest

  2. Guest27824227

    When I was 20 the shower my mom and I shared always drained slowly, and over time it didn't drain well at all.  It was then we decided to shower together because we could shower longer, and the tub could drain during the night. At age 42 my mom had the best tan lines from her bikini, and it was then I realized something unexpected. My mom's b*****s were like headlights and I was turned on. My mother noticed my woody and suddenly became aroused herself. Just then we lost power and jumped into each others arms in surprise. Without even thinking I placed my lips to hers and our tongues danced as we explored each others bodies. We stumbled through the dark to her bed, and that's were we slept, after making love for hours in various positions.

  3. Guest24796431

    you guys are absolutely crazy with severe psychological issues.  Get a psychiatrist, PLEASE!

  4. Guest24268227

     EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! no way... no mother should shower with her adult son... that is the most disgusting thing i have every heard... your child is going to grow up with some serious Oedipus Complex issues and it will RUIN his entire s*x life... what a terrible idea... GROSSSS

  5. Guest23139805

    i agree im a mother of 47 my son is 21 and we are naked around each other all the time and we shower together and co-sleep

    its normal and no big deal and for any judging people reading  we dont have s*x the most we do is m********e infront of each other but thats no big deal to be honest as its relaxing and when done we just get on with the rest of the night watching tv or something like that i am not going to lie and say i dont get attracted to his body at times of course i do im human after all but i know my limits and s*x with my son is a no go zone

  6. vashat33

     of course  they can.  whoever's asking this type of question, keep something in mind. Nudity and proximity do not just create  some sort of immoral problem, and his people should know full well family members  are rarely actually interested in each other beyond the familial bond. Therefore depending on the strength of the relationships and how the children and parents were raised, having a bath or shower with a family member is just what it is: being close to someone you care about.


  7. Guest22475892

    Yes, it's perfectly ok.I'm 45,my son is 22. I ALWAYS shower with my son and we both enjoy it.We live in the same house together and see each other nude all the time,so we started taking our showers together.Especially on hot days after doing outdoor yard work,it's a great way for us to relax.Nudity is perfectly normal and natural and there is nothing wierd or wrong about this.We're close and get along very well.I believe that you can shower with whoever you want to whether it's your husband,boyfriend or yes,even your son.It's very common.Go ahead and enjoy.

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