can a man use a sybian anally?

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can a man use a sybian anally?

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  1. Guest22407985

     Well, i for one want to know if any man has done so. The sybian is just basically a d***o that pulses and rotates. It seems that women use them and enjoy them so i don't see why a man cannot use one to anally stimulate himself. If any men do so i wish there were pics on the internet of them doing so.

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, If orgasms rock, the Sybian rocks totally. Sybian is the crème de la crème of all s*x toys for women. The Sybian is expensive, but it is also high-tech engineered to last a lifetime with little or no maintenance. If you have ever had trouble reaching o****m, Sybian is for you. Many women have had their first o****m ever riding the Syb. If you want the most intense, screaming o****m of your life, Sybian is for you. Many women (including celebrities, models and p**n stars!) report that nothing else compares, or even comes close to the amount of blissful sensation you can experience with this goddess toy. Actually, this is not a toy at all, but rather a precision pleasure aid and sexual companion for the connoisseur of quality craftsmanship and deep erotic sensual delight. Use the Sybian alone or with your lover. Many partners become highly aroused watching their love ride this o****m machine. Better still, let your bedroom mate pace the action (vibration and rotation) for you with the attached three foot cable control, and watch you erupt in orgasmic explosions. The Sybian, invented by Dave Lampert, comes with a variety of attachments that vibrate and rotate inside the v****a or a**s, while at the same time the body of the machine, shaped like a horse saddle, quakes and rattles against the v***a. By the way, g*y men love the Sybian for the best anal s*x ever. Sybian group parties and rides are becoming popular in some larger cities, but locating one is difficult as they are normally kept to private invitations only. With the selection of attachments any woman can now delight to the erotic stimulation of clitoris, G-spot, yoni (v****a) and a**s, or some delicious combination of all of them. For example, it is possible for the lady to straddle the Sybian doggy style for intense clitoral stimulation while her lover penetrates her from behind for the most passionate anal s*x imaginable. With the synchronous controller, both vibration and rotation actions are infinitely maneuverable as slow and soft, or fast and hard as you prefer, so you can always get exactly the right effect to suit you current mood and needs. Be inspired to order your own as you see what fun and delight some of your favorite celebs and adult film stars have with this amazing machine. Watch Carmen Electra, 2006 supermodel cover girl for Max Factor makeup, aerobic fitness coach, and Hollywood movie star, as she rides the Syb on the Howard Stern show. Many other celebrities, p**n stars, and models have been captured on video as Sybian riders. If you wish to view s**y video clips featuring this international best-selling sexual aid of all time, here are links to mpegs of some seriously beautiful women riding the Sybian.

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