can a child be taking away from one parent cause of who they have a relationship with?

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no child abuse.Plenty of interaction either paying or helping a 2yr olds mind grow.child lives with father during the week moms on weekends.father of child is very virbualy an a few times sexualy abuseive to wards mother.He is always saying he's taking the child away if she dose anything.A hurtfull to watch out of upmost respect of what she has asked in the begining i say nothing.but as time has gone on find it harder an harder to say or do nothing.i have children of my own and i dont know what lays ahead but i love them both an would like to help her talk to someone in the right the legal direcion.i understand he has feeling and love for her for the child they had..but she dont love him like that an has moved ears are open???

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