Can I upgrade from vista ultimate 32 to windows 7 ultimate.

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My son has windows vista on his computer but he wants windows 7. I am wondering to know that can his computer windows be upgraded from vista ultimate 32 to windows 7 ultimate.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    First of all you have to check the Windows 7 compatibility with your system, you must use Windows 7 upgrade advisor. There should be a green signal from Windows 7 upgrade advisor, following steps should be followed:
    Then insert the Windows 7 DVD in the optical drive. The click the install button to install the software. If the option is disabled then open the root of the DVD Drive and run dfdthe setup file.
    There is another method of installation which is to install and upgrade the Windows 7 from the USB guide.
    Once you run the Setup. You will see the two options.
    Another thing that you should do is that you can Check the compatibility online, after this you can start the installation, as you have verified the systems compatibility by using Windows 7 upgrade advisor, you can then safely install Now Button.
    In the next screen you will see some other options which are Go online to get the latest update for the installation, and do not get the latest update for the installation. If the latest version of Windows 7 is already installed then you do not have to check for the updates for post upgrade process.
    You can then go for the license agreement and then press next to continue the process to complete. Here Windows will check for the compatibility and will also generate the report. If there are any problems then these problems will be displayed on the desktop. If there are no compatibilities then Windows 7 setup will not proceed furthur.


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